Operating since 2010, Grade Group Investments has had commercial interests and investments spanning numerous sectors.

2019 presents exciting opportunities for the group, as we continue to establish a firm foothold in the Irish hospitality sector. Grade now owns and operates 10 hospitality businesses in Ireland, comprising festivals, bars, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs, whilst providing employment for over 50 people.

The group has acquired a new F&B leasehold to commence in Q2 of this year, as well as being engaged in advanced negotiations regarding a new outdoor festival proposition.

Abstract has seen increased development in the events and marketing space, continuing relationships with large-scale international brands, and gaining a number of new clients. Annie’s growth has increased on the basis of tailor-made supply of various F&B businesses in Dublin, as well as private catering and in-house café trade. BD Productions grows from two music and arts festivals in 2018, to three events in 2019. The introduction of a St. Patrick’s Day event capitalises on the demand for larger outdoor music events. Coppa Café, acquired by the group in Q1 2018, continues to service the city centre. Exciting plans are afoot for the brand. Renovations and new business strategy shall commence for both The South William and Wah Wah Club in 2019.